June 21st, 2016


 Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. If you are one of my students you have heard me speak of the Wolf, Sheep & Sheepdog theory. Wolves eat sheep - Sheep scream for the Sheepdog when the Wolf attacks - the Sheep are initially grateful when the Sheepdog saves them but eventually the Sheep becomes more afraid of the Sheepdog than the Wolf because the Sheep is aware of the capability of the Sheepdog! Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey addresses the three alternatives in an active shooter event such as the recent Islamic Terrorist Attack in Orlando - Run Hide Fight! This is my kind of Sheriff:

This is my kind of Sheriff!

Itís Time To Fight Back!

Sheepdog Network

Sheepdog Network




    Here are my rules for Survival:    


    1. Never Forget that You, the Citizen, Will Almost Always Be the First Responder!


    2. Always be Situationally and Environmentally Aware to Reduce the Reactionary Gap!


    3. Conduct a Recon in All Venues You Visit in Order to Identify Emergency Exits and Safe Areas!


    4. Select your Seating Whenever Possible Near an Emergency Exit, Back to the Wall, Facing the Entrance and Away from the Money to Reduce Reaction Time in the Event of an Attack! 


    5. Act Decisively whether Fleeing, Hiding or Fighting! Do not give the Attacker Time to Develop Control of the Victims (Stockholm Syndrome) Thereby Immobilizing the Victims!


    6. Act in Concert with Others to Change the Dynamic whether Fighting or Fleeing! There is Strength in Numbers as well as Possibly Diverting the Attackers Attention!


    7. If you Fight, Fight to Win and Always Use Whatever Weapons Available! A Firearm is a Great Equalizer if Trained and Have One Available! If you Flee, Flee to Survive! If you Hide, Hide Until Positive that the Attack is Over!


    8. Trust Your Instincts and Remember the Duck Theory - If it Looks, Acts and Quacks Like a Duck it is Probably a Duck!


    9. He Who Fails to Plan Plans to Fail! Be Sure to Plan Your Run - Hide - Fight Actions!


    God Bless the Victims of that Heinous Attack and Pray for the Victims and their families. Refuse to be a Victim and Stay Safe!


        Norm Belson